Howard and Georgene

Your Choice Travel Texas Consultants, Howard and Georgene

Hi, I’m Georgene!  One of the things I have loved to do all my life is to travel.  Mostly I love cruising, but I love other types of travel as well.  When I was eleven, I spent six weeks in Hawaii.  When I was eight, I took 14 different trains (with my mother) north from Colorado to Canada, down the west coast and all the way across Texas.  When I was 16, I flew all by myself to New York city to meet a group there to travel to Europe.  I was so afraid I was going to run out of money before I got to my hotel, and I just knew the taxi driver would throw me out on the street!  He didn’t, but I am certain he would have if he had known I didn’t have enough money to tip!

And I wonder…..do you know anyone else who has literally been smuggled across the Czech-German border?

I have many more stories, and  I hope to share them with you on this blog.  Some of them are just for fun, but I do hope you will learn something, too.  And even more than that, I hope that I will learn from you!  Please feel free to comment at any time.  That’s what the big box is all about!

In addition, I would love to help you with your travel needs.  Choice Travel Texas is backed by one of the largest travel suppliers in the US, and together, we can come up with a vacation that is memorable just for you and your family!  Please give me a call at 972-591-1040, or email me at Georgene@ChoiceTravelTX.com.


Howard, here. I’m the guy with the gray beard in the photo standing next to Georgene. She’s the one who got me interested in cruise travel. In fact, I didn’t really travel all that much before I met her. She had to practically drag me off on our first cruise — a 10-day trip around northern Europe, the UK, and Norway. I was a bit concerned that I might experience motion sickness, but that turned out to be a non-problem.

Then she dragged me off on another cruise, and another, and another… Ok, I have to admit that it didn’t take very much arm-twisting, and cruising has become our main way to vacation. Cruising is like staying in a 5-star hotel with only the best food and entertainment, and still getting to visit three or four different places while only having to unpack once. For a lot less money than you would expect.

I’ll be doing mostly behind-the-scenes support work for Choice Travel Texas, but you might hear me answer the phone occasionally. I also have my own email address, Howard@ChoiceTravelTX.com.