Top 8 Wilderness Camping Spots in Australia

AustraliaCamping is a different thing to many people. For some people it’s a welcoming break from the city life, a chance to immerse yourself and enjoy the beauty of the nature, and leaving your troubles behind.

For those people who love to camp in the beautiful country like Australia, here is the list of the top eight camping spots there.

1. Snowy River National Park, Victoria

Snowy River NP VictoriaSnowy River National Park is perfect for those who value wild landscapes, magnificent forests and rugged gorges. It consists of a remote wilderness area of about 98,000 hectares (375 square miles). Most visitors tend to camp overnight in one of the best set out camping sites, especially at the McKillops site. Other popular sites within the park include Hicks campsite, Raymond Creek Falls, Batley Hooley – bush camping sites, Waratah Flat and Jackson crossing.



2. Hinchinbrook Island National Park, Queensland

Hinchinbrook Island National Park QueenslandIt is the biggest island national park in Australia. The park is home to rainforests, rugged mountains and sweeping sandy beaches, green turtles, dugongs and other marine-life. The tangled rainforest between Fan Palm and North Zoe Creeks is a great spot for bird watching. Beach and forest campsites are located at the end of the Bay (Zoe Bay) inside the park.

3. Flinders Range National Park, South Australia

Flinders Range National Park South AustraliaFlinders Range National Park is home to the largest mountain range in South Australia. The park is divided into two sections; it is the Wilpena Pound – central to the northern Flinders – where the major camp ground is located. The national park holds special importance due to its wildlife (grey kangaroos, rock wallabies, bird life, snakes etc.), natural, geological history, cultural significance (Aboriginal rock art sites) and an environment similar to what the Adnyamathanha people had. Camp sites are also in Cambrian, Tresona, Aroona, Acraman etc.

4. The Grampians National Park, Victoria

The Grampians National Par VictoriaGrampians National Park is home to more than 800 species of plants. The sublime Grampians are a series of spectacular, steep sandstone ridges admired by bushwalkers and campers. There are also several Aboriginal sites and views from the Pinacle. Bush camping (no camp fires) is permitted anywhere in the park, except around Lake Wartook, Wonderland Range and parts of Mt. William, Serra and Victoria Ranges.



5. Margaret River Region, Western Australia

MargaretRiverRegionWesternAustraliaChapman Pool offers a peaceful and nature-based camping vacation in the river’s region. It is located on the banks of Chapman Brook in the Jarrah forest. The pool has nine small camp-grounds near to the water, which are nestled in the bush and split from the track by logs. It also has an area for big groups to set up camp.

6. Gulf Region, Northern territory

GulfRegionNorthernTerritoryBarranyi National Park is part of the Territory’s most remote destinations. It is a peaceful wilderness sanctuary owned by the Aborigines. The island park includes long sandy beaches and a white beach perfect for bird watching, walking and beachcombing. People camp here during turtle and dugong hunting trips.




7. Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, New South Wales

OxleyWildRiversNationalParkNewSouthWalesIt contains 50,000ha of Macleay Gorges Wilderness area. The national park is home to 173 birds, 47 mammals, 31 reptiles, 17 amphibians and 755 plant species. All over the park there are bush walking, picnicking, canoeing, easy walks etc. Campsites are on rest areas or down the river. The park includes Tia Falls, Mt. Yarrowyk, and Wollomombi etc.



8. Victorian Rail Trails, Victoria

VictorianRailTrailsVictoriaThe rail trail is set on a former easement, traversing the Murrindindi, Mansfield and Mitchell Shires, connecting communities and towns such as Yarck, Kerrisdale, Woodfield etc. and with an arm on to Alexandra and Koriella. It winds up along the Goulburn River, via the Trawool valley, crossing over Lake Eidon on its way to Mounts Stirling and Butler. The trail’s surface is either granitic or chert. It is best suited to hybrid, touring cycles and mountain bikes. Initially, there were 73 bridges along the trail which have been replaced or repaired. The gradients are mostly gentle which makes riding or walking the trail suitable for all levels. It is recommended to camp on designated areas.

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The Five Best Beach Destinations in Turkey

Photo from licensed by the author

When a colleague suggested that I needed to try out fun-filled beach activities for my last year’s vacation, she came up with a list of five beaches that she has always thought everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. She explained that they are all in Turkey because Turkey’s rich culture and geographical splendor is anchored by numerous mountain peninsulas that form arcs of superb sandy beaches on shinny shingle bays. It’s one of the few top beach holiday destinations with naturally preserved ecosystems, good weather and less crowded but lively beach resorts.

1. Ovabuku: The Cutest of the Three Sisters

Hosted by the Datca peninsula, Ovabuku is globally hailed as the prettiest of the three bays which also include Kazilbuk and Hayibuku. Its stretch of creamy shingles is aesthetically backed up by pine forests with a mix of myrtle, oaks and carob trees. Ovabuku gave me the sense of escape whenever I went for silent fishing and a tour of the historical Mediterranean town of Old Datca. Other activities that I was able to jump into include: –

• An old Turkish bath known as hamman.
• A trip to Ancient Knidos
• The knidos’ arrangement forms a terraced sitting pattern that makes it a splendid picnic site overlooking the surrounding Greek Islands.

2. The Butterfly Valley: Fly with the Angels

The valley is located between two cliffs that tower into the sky and it can be approached in two ways.

• One of the ways includes taking a boat from Fethiye or Olu Deniz.
• The other route involves an adventurous 40 minutes trek on rocky paths leading to the v-shaped pristine sandy beach.

The beach has no form of civilization. Here I found no electricity or fancy resorts, making it a unique picnic and camping site when all you need is a nice book and cool breeze on your face. You have the alternative of staying in a peaceful hamlet overlooking the beach, a couple of hundreds of feet below you — it felt like flying with angels.

3. Amos: The Epic of Natural Beauty

It’s impossible to write a Turkish-Roman epic without mentioning Amos — a uniquely beautiful clove between two headlands. The beach spot once served as a Roman settlement, making it the place to be if you like a mix of fun and educational treats. Ancient amphitheaters with breathtaking vistas of the bright Marmaris lights across the bay are naturally thrown in the mix as you enjoy fresh fish and meze on the dinning daises of any of the Turunc and Kumlubku resorts.

4. Gemiler: A Natural Paradise of the Shoulders of Civilization

On one side is the buzzing civilization created by the Olu Deniz beach activities while Gemiler, a pristine, silent and peaceful beach lies on the other side. A bus ride to the beach takes you through the Kaya valley which is an exotic pastry of wild flowers. Gemiler is on the other hand dotted with pine and olive trees on a beach overlooking St. Nicholas Island where you can go for fresh meze and cold Efers beers as you take a swim under the steaming sun’s heat.

Other activities that I enjoyed greatly include:

• Horse riding in the aesthetically splendid Kaya valley.
• Quad bike excursions.
• Paint balling.
• Microlite flights from Olu Deniz beach or Hisaronu.
• Windsurfing and sailing.
• Snorkeling and diving.

5. Antalya: The Turkish Pot of Class and Elegance

Antalya also known as the pearl of the Turkish and the Mediterranean Riviera, the Antalya beach is home to 15 of the world’s top 100 beach resorts. This is where I saw some of the world’s most exquisitely preserved ancient heritage such as Aspendos. And also in the Antalya, you can find the world class golf clubs, audience and players which is the best mix of refreshing and spending time with your friends. So, Antalya would be definitely your next stop of destination in Turkey.

These are the most wonderful beaches in Turkey to visit in their life time. And most importantly, to visit Turkey, you need to apply for turkey visas which is essential to gain an entry into that country.

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How to Travel on The Cheap

TravelFreeMany people believe that baby boomers have more money than they know what to do with, but more often than not even baby boomers need to consult their budgets once in a while. And, in many cases, they have to watch their pennies very carefully each and every month to make sure that their well doesn’t run dry.

Retired and Ready to Travel

Baby boomers are starting to retire and are beginning to learn what they can and cannot do on their often-slim budget. Traveling to a distant state or country for an extended period of time and eating out at fancy restaurants is often not an option. But, with kids located all over the country and grandkids being born and growing up, you just can’t sit at home and ignore the potential experience that awaits you out there. I encourage you to go out and travel to experience life while you can, but let’s first learn how to travel on a budget.

The Fuel Efficient Car

It used to be that if you wanted a car that bolstered great gas mileage, it was uncomfortable and tiny – not exactly the kind of vehicle that a retired baby boomer would want to travel in. Today, however, vehicles are utilizing the power of both gas and electric (often referred to as hybrid vehicles) and can quite easily average 40+ miles per gallon. Take a serious look at the Chevy Cruze. It is cost effective (you can find one of these used for less than $15,000) and drive more than 500 miles on a single tank of gas! Find a fuel efficient vehicle and you will start saving money in no time.

The Overnight Stay

Even if you are traveling to visit relatives, you cannot always assume that you can bunk at their place. That is simply rude and unkind. However, you do not need to book a hotel room in advance to score a deal on the nightly rate. On any given night, it is not uncommon for a hotel to have 50% occupancy, which means that they are willing to give you a deal on a room if you decide to stay with them. If you cannot talk them down on price, simply tell them that you will leave and check with the hotel up the road. If they still do not give you a bargain on a room, then leave! The next hotel will almost certainly accommodate you.

The Price You Pay to Eat

Heading out to restaurants all the time can get expensive (and unhealthy). Even if you limit your dining to fast food venues, the dollars still erode from your wallet rather quickly. Instead of purchasing your food from restaurants and convenience stores, rent a hotel room that has a small kitchen and get your week’s supply of food from the local grocery store. By creating meals yourself, you will more than likely save over a hundred dollars in a single week!

By instituting all of these money-saving tactics, you could travel hundreds of miles away and still return home (after having lodged, eaten, and paid for the gas) for less than the cost of a round-trip plane ticket. Best of luck to you and your travels!

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